Company history

How it all began.

Things would have very different in Lem today if a young farrier had not chosen to settle down in this town with a railway station in west Denmark in the late 19th century. Because a certain metalworker, named H.S. Hansen, had a keen ability to create activity around him. This marked the beginning of a development process that eventually made Lem the biggest industrial town in Denmark, per capita. This was also where the company LSi ( Lem Stål-industri) arose, which is now known under the name of Carl C. A/S.

 Carl C 1908

Carl C. A/S was formed in 1969, when Carl C. Jensen and his wife, Elisabeth Øllgaard Jensen, rented premises in Lem. He actually started his business without having any finished products to stake the business on, but his trade apprenticeship in the steel industry and subsequent training as a machine specialist gave him a good eye for the possibilities in the industry. Therefore, the company started out by manufacturing steel structures for the construction industry, and it offered to carry out special tasks for power plants.

Over the years, many amusing inventions have arisen from partnering with customers, such as a scooter that could drive on high-voltage cables and a submarine that could flush high-voltage cables down to the sea floor so they wouldn’t get ruined by fishermen’s trawls. The company also manufactured special installation bridges that made it possible to lay the cable network across the Little Belt and Limfjorden.


Carl C 1


Carl C 2

As a result of technological developments, the need for lattice towers and parabolic reflectors increased during the mid-1970s, and Carl C. was actually one of the first in Europe to develop parabolic reflectors for community aerial installations and telecommunications. News of this company’s lattice-tower expertise spread like ripples in the water. This led to large shipments of wind-turbine towers to the US, India and China, as well as several European countries, so when the need for mobile-telephony towers arose in the early 1990s, Carl C. A/S was accordingly well-prepared to supply telecom operators throughout Europe. 


Carl C 3 Carl C 4

In 2006, Elisabeth and Carl handed over the company to their son Allan T. Jensen, whose engineering degree, and 15 years of experience with the company made him ready to carry on its business activities. 


Today, the company still manufactures primarily lattice towers, roughly half of which are exported.