Tubular towers

Guy wire towers

We have developed our slim guy wire towers especially for the wind turbine industry. They are used to examine the wind conditions where wind turbine investors wish to build a wind turbine park. This ensures a higher guarantee that the investment will give the expected returns.

The guy wire towers are often used for a shorter installation period of up to two years but they can also be used as permanent installations. In these cases a more powerful type is often used, calculated to last for many years in this specific place.

The guy wire towers can be delivered with different accessories such as booms, safety device, anti climb device etc.

Our foundation solutions are developed for temporary and stationary installations, for suitable subsoil conditions and bedrock anchors.



Tubular towers are just better

Tubular towers were developed for the telecom sector as an alternative to the lattice tower. Their slender shape gives tubular towers good possibilities of use in urban environments where design is crucial.

  • Tubular towers are made of round tubes of declining diameter. The surfaces are hot-dip galvanised, to give the tower a very long service life. As an additional service, the tower can be painted in the colour of one’s choosing.
  • Tubular towers are designed for up to four operators without the deflection at the top exceeds 1°. The standard heights of tubular towers are up to 33 m.
  • As additional equipment, the towers are available with a combined ladder and fall-protection system, as well as anti climb device at ground level.