A solid foundation is a vital part of any structure.

Carl C. A/S supplies several different options for foundations. Choice of type depends primarily on the geotechnical surveys conducted. We can propose the best-suited foundation, and perform dimensioning. See more in our webshop.

Foundations are available for the most common types of ground conditions for all our standard towers. A foundation can be specially designed for any given project where there are unusual ground conditions.

When a permanent solution is required, the common types of concrete foundations are cast on-site.
This is a highly flexible solution, which can be easily adapted to tower type and ground conditions. The foundation will be usually be cast as a block or slab.
Carl C. A/S can supply all casting parts, consisting of bolts, shuttering, mould template for embedding bolts during casting and proposed foundations. 



We can supply buried foundations in concrete and steel for triangular lattice towers. These have the advantage of simply being placed in a previously excavated hole, after which the tower can be attached shortly afterwards. This means that you can typically have the tower fully set up on the same day, and easily avoid the various processes relating to casting a foundation. Restoring the area is also easier.

Concrete foundations

Præfabrikeret fundament

Concrete foundations with embedded foundation bolts made for small triangular standard sections. 


Steel foundations 

 SF Stålfundament

A foundation supplied in hot-dip galvanised finish. It consists of a triangular lattice section, 3 support plates and 6 x diagonal braces. 



Mobile foundation

Flytbar fundament

Mobile foundations are used for temporary towers. They can be placed in areas such as car parks and construction sites, for festivals and the like. They consist of four concrete blocks and two steel frames. A mobile foundation gives a project flexibility and dynamism. They also mean minimum post-event restoration.