Wind turbine towers

In the 1980s, Carl C. A/S delivered thousands of lattice towers to Vestas Wind Systems. Back then, most turbines were mounted on lattice towers, which meant that Carl C. A/S delivered a large quantity of lattice towers to wind farms in places such as California, India and China. Our long-standing collaboration with wind-turbine manufacturers has given us valuable experience in the wind-power industry.


Today, we use our know-how to design various types of steel towers that are used as meteorological towers for holding meteorological instruments as part of the establishment and operation of wind farms – offshore and onshore alike. This makes stringent demands on tower quality and design. Onshore wind farms are usually sited in desolate areas with poor access conditions. For this reason, we have developed guyed towers that can be installed by hand on site without using a crane.

Measurements of actual wind conditions at the erection site are vital for the placement of the wind turbines and ultimately for their profitability.  

 Small wind turbine towers

Carl C. A/S is already a recognised supplier of towers for small wind turbines.

The towers are designed according to customer specifications and calculated according to the most recent edition of the Eurocode standards.


The towers can be designed as lattice towers, tubular towers or monopoles. All tower types are available in various heights and strength classes.

The towers are available with erection hinges and a hydraulic system for tilting the tower.


Carl C. A/S is pleased to dimension and design foundation solutions that can either be poured on site or be delivered as a prefabricated foundation.

Carl C. A/S will gladly manage the delivery and installation of our towers, as well as the excavation required for prefabricated foundations.