Flagpole masts

Flagpole masts can be used in locations where a highly discreet mast solution is required, e.g. in residential or holiday cottage areas.

Since 2008, flagpole masts have been used in great numbers by the telecommunications industry and are therefore a tried and tested product.

We supply our flagpole masts as standard in three different diameters:  Ø160, Ø229 and Ø273 and in heights from 14 to 23 metres. Panel aerials for one or more operators are installed at the top and concealed by styrene panels in the same colour as the flagpole. Alternatively, we are able to install a Tri-Sector Radome aerial at the top of the flagpole in the same colour as the flagpole. We also supply oversized flagpole tops which have the capacity to house a mini-link, if required.

Our masts are available with flagpole, finial, halyard and flags – and it can double up as an ordinary flagpole.

Flagpoles can be installed on standard drilled concrete piles or on ScrewFast foundations which ensure shorter installation times and enable easier restoration of the area.