Lattice masts

The TEL mast is a slim, three-legged mast measuring 24-28 metres in height. This mast was especially developed for the telecommunications industry. This mast is a further development of our very popular  Series 16 which has been widely used since 1990.

Telecommunications companies in Denmark have preferred this mast and use it as their standard mast all over Denmark. This means that it is a tried and tested product which has been supplied in great numbers since 2008.

The advantages of the TEL mast lie in its slim, triangular design which is always fully optimised to meet the application concerned. At the same time, most of the mast consists of solid round steel bars which, in combination with the slim design, make the mast appear almost invisible in the landscape.

As pipes are only used very sparingly, wind noise from open profiles is not a problem.

We offer the mast in a strengthened version for installation in coastal areas.

We can offer and install a range of ancillary components such as antenna head frame, ladders, fall arrest and cable management system in our masts.