Telescopic masts

Our telescopic Turbo mast is a top-quality product designed for professional use in locations where function, quality and service life are a priority. Our telescopic Turbo mast comes with a maximum height of 21 metres and consists of three sections as well as a tilt section.

The tilt section is used to raise the mast from its horizontal resting point to its vertical position after which it is ready to be raised to its full height. All functions are carried out using auto break hand winches, optional electric winches.

All sections of the mast are equipped with corrosion-resistant guide rollers to ensure very precise movement. When the sections hit their top position, they are locked into place to prevent play.

Our telescopic Turbo mast can be used as a stationary mast where easy access is required to adjust or replace equipment at the top of the mast. The mast can also be used for mobile purposes as temporary communication site or as camera platform, flood light etc.