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SF302-00 can be used as a foundation for the following towers:

7.5m lattice tower, series 2

9.0m lattice tower, series 0

15.0m lattice tower, series 1

18.0m lattice tower, series 0

Hot-dip galvanized steel foundation for burial to smaller towers.


The foundation is placed on a flat leveled sand layer at the bottom of a 1.45m excavation with a diameter of 2.6m.

Then fill with the excavated soil provided an effective bulk density of at least 1800 kg / m3. Stamping is necessary.

It is ensured that the top of the footplates is absolutely horizontal.


When dimensioning, it is assumed that the soil under the foundation underside is not inferior to:

Friction ground with> = 30 °, or
Clay with Cv> = 80kN / m²

Highest groundwater level should be lower than the bottom of the foundation.