Carl C. A/S was founded in 1969, and over the years has amassed comprehensive experience and expertise in the manufacture of steel towers, foundations and accessories.

The company supplies the towers to a wide variety of industries where quality and safety are a top priority. For this reason, our primary products include:

  • Mobile masts, such as lattice towers, tubular towers and false chimneys.
  • Meteorology towers. Stand-alone towers and guyed masts for wind measurements.
  • High-voltage towers and steel structures for high-voltage stations.
  • Lighting towers for illuminating public spaces, roads and streets
  • Gantry signs for traffic information.
  • Telescopic towers for various purposes.
  • Towers for small wind turbines.



Carl C. A/S has always been renowned for its high-quality products.

To continue to ensure high quality, Carl C. A/S is certified to the quality-management system DS EN ISO 9001. In addition, the company is certified to DS EN ISO 3834-2 and DS EN ISO 1090 EXC 1–4, which means that Carl C. A/S meets the requirements for being able to manufacture and CE-mark steel structures in accordance with the most stringent requirements in Europe.

The combination of these systems guarantees our customers that Carl C. A/S delivers products which meet the specified and statutory requirements.

The systems also ensure that Carl C. A/S has qualified staff with knowledge and training for planning, carrying out and controlling the manufacture of our products.

Welding inspection is carried out by internal and external staff alike. The inspection always concludes with a report.

Data from all processes is collected and documented in a comprehensive quality-documentation process.



Carl C. A/S has developed a wide range of tower products. These include our stand-alone lattice towers as standard solutions, which are available in heights of up to 140 m and can be equipped with ladders, fall-protection devices, aerial booms, etc.

Carl C. A/S performs the calculations in-house or collaborates with recognised external engineers with long-standing experience of tower calculations.

Our towers are always individually calculated for each task in accordance with Eurocode standards. Requirements from IEC standards are often used, as these are particularly important for calculations involving met towers.

Carl C. A/S has long-standing experience of towers in various environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, thick freezing rain, and dynamically impacted structures.

 Carl C medarbejdere

Carl C. A/S has a 8.000 m² factory and 20.000 m² of outdoor storage space.
We employ approx. 45 people. with the capacity to employ more.