Quality, working environment and corporate ethics


CE 1090-1 ISO 9001 ISO 3834-2 

Carl C. A/S is certified to DS/EN ISO 3834-2 and DS/EN ISO 9001; the sphere of application lies within the manufacture, installation and repair of steel structures, lattice towers and other types of towers, as well as certification to DS/EN ISO 1090-1, EXC 14. All our products comply with current law and are delivered CE marked so our customers can use our structures with peace of mind. We continuously optimise our manufacturing processes to enable us to provide good quality and remain competitive at the same time.

AAA  Carl C. A/S has once again been awarded the AAA diploma for the highest credit rating in the rating model. 



OHS policy and environmental policy Grøn Smiley


As a company, Carl C. A/S is reliant on having skilled, dedicated employees. It is crucial for the company to be able to attract and, not least, retain these employees. For this reason, it is important to Carl C. A/S to create a working environment based on mutual trust, co-operation, and respect. Accordingly, the following maxims apply, among others:

All of us are equal, and we have the same rights in the workplace, regardless of which task we perform and regardless of nationality, gender, age, religion, or political conviction.

We have zero tolerance for compulsory labour, child labour, corruption, and bribery.

We create good conditions for pay, working hours, sick leave, parent leave and maternity leave. 

Examples: In December 2008, Carl C. A/S invested in a new ventilation system which efficiently purifies the air in our production area three times an hour. In addition, the system is installed with filters to purify 99.9% of the air from our production halls before releasing it to the atmosphere. In general, all waste products in the production process are recycled, including by scrapping surplus materials. Besides ordinary factory inspections, Carl C. A/S makes an extra round of safety inspections through the company once a year. This is done in collaboration with the company Avidenz, which is a certified OHS consultant and provides consultancy and solutions in the OHSQ field. Several of our customers impose stringent requirements on corporate ethics, and naturally we comply with all of them, which include Telenor’s and Ericsson’s codes of conduct. 


The company and its staff do their utmost to make Carl C. A/S a safe and secure workplace by always staying up-to-date in terms of occupational health and safety. Once way this is ensured is through the safety committee, which meets once every quarter to deal with actual issues affecting the company.

In continuation of OHSQ, Carl C. A/S allocates the requisites resources to continuously make the investments required to create the best working conditions for our staff and at the same time minimise the pollution of the natural environment. Within both areas, Danish law is complied with at a minimum and focus is continuously brought to bear on performing additional optimisations. 


Carl C A / S is constantly striving to develop as a company. Be it within production equipment, employee training, product programs and climate impact. The latter has resulted in a report that aims to map our energy consumption.

This survey focuses on CO2e emissions from electricity consumption, transport, and heating.

Carl C A / S has purchased wind certificates and owns a wind turbine, both of which contribute to the great result.

If you look at the company's total emissions in 2019, this is -1033.3 tons of CO2e.

We are pleased with the result, but will, based on the report's conclusions, still work focused on reducing the total energy cost in the company.



Carl C. A/S primarily uses only Danish and Scandinavian suppliers. The company gives priority to a limited, but in return, stable number of suppliers, as they carry out activities in Denmark and Scandinavia and everyone complies with current and future market requirements and societal requirements. Among other things, this means that these suppliers:

Have zero tolerance for compulsory labour, child labour, corruption and bribery.

Comply with all rules in the areas of labour rights, and occupational health and safety.

Continuously carry out the needed improvements in terms mitigating pollution of the environment, as a minimum within current law and that they focus on further optimisation extending beyond the statutory framework.

Ensure that their external suppliers also meet these expectations.

Carl C. A/S gives high priority to being in continuous contact with all suppliers and, in addition, visits its major suppliers at least once a year to ensure that they comply with our corporate ethics.