Carl C's history

This is how it all began.

Today's Lem would be significantly different if a young blacksmith at the end of the previous century had not chosen to establish himself in this West Jutland town. Mr. H.S. Hansen, a skilled blacksmith, possessed an impressive ability to create activity around him. This marked the beginning of a development that has since made Lem the largest industrial town in Denmark, measured by population. It was here that the company LSi (Lem Steel Industry), now known as Carl C A/S, saw the light of day.


 Carl C's history

In 1969, Carl C. A/S was founded when Carl C. Jensen and his wife, Elisabeth Øllgaard Jensen, rented premises in Lem. Despite starting without specific products to focus on, Carl C. Jensen leveraged his craftsmanship background in the steel industry and his subsequent education as a mechanical engineer to identify opportunities in the field. The company began its operations by manufacturing steel structures for the construction sector and simultaneously offered custom solutions for power plants.

Over the years, several creative inventions emerged in collaboration with customers, including a scooter designed to run on high-voltage power lines and a submarine capable of laying high-voltage cables on the seabed to protect them from fishermen's trawls.

Furthermore, special assembly bridges were produced, enabling the power grid to be pulled across the Little Belt and the Limfjord.

In the mid-1970s, the demand for lattice towers and parabolic antennas increased due to technological advancements. In fact, Carl C. A/S was among the first in Europe to develop parabolic screens for communal antenna systems and telecommunications.

The company's expertise in lattice towers garnered significant recognition and resulted in substantial deliveries of wind turbine towers to the USA, India, China, and several European countries. When the need for towers for mobile telephony arose in the early 1990s, Carl C. A/S was well-positioned to supply to telecommunications operators throughout Europe.

In 2006, Elisabeth and Carl handed over the company to their son, Allan T. Jensen, who, with an engineering degree and 15 years of experience in the company, was ready to take it forward. Today, Carl C. A/S primarily focuses on the production of lattice towers, with approximately half of them being exported.