Om Carl C. A/S


Carl C. A/S was founded in 1969 and has since accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing of steel masts, foundations, and accessories.

The masts are supplied to a wide range of industries where durability and safety are top priorities:

- Masts for the telecommunications industry
- Measurement masts for the wind turbine industry
- High-voltage masts and steel structures for high-voltage substations
- Lighting masts for public spaces and road lighting
- Steel structures for the process industry
- Masts for residential wind turbines
- Road portals for traffic information
- Steel tasks




Creating value through partnership, specialized knowledge, and business insight


Our mission

Our mission is to develop, design, produce, and integrate structural steel constructions in both the domestic and international markets while ensuring competent and well-trained employees throughout the organization.



Our vision

To be a global supplier of steel mast and structural constructions within meteorology, telecommunications, high voltage, and lighting.




Carl C has always been known for delivering products of high quality.

To ensure continued high quality, Carl C. A/S is certified according to the quality management system DS EN ISO 9001. Additionally, the company is certified according to DS EN ISO 3834-2 and DS EN ISO 1090 EXC 1-4, which means that Carl C. A/S meets the requirements for executing and CE marking steel constructions according to the strictest requirements in Europe.

In combination, these systems are our customers' guarantee that Carl C. A/S delivers products that meet the specified as well as legal requirements.

The systems also ensure that Carl C. A/S has trained personnel with knowledge and training to plan, execute, and control the production of our products.

Welding inspections are carried out by both internal and external personnel. The inspection always concludes with a report.

Data from all processes are collected and documented in a comprehensive quality documentation.

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Carl C. A/S has developed a wide range of towers. Among these are our freestanding lattice towers, which are offered as standard solutions and can be delivered in heights up to 140 meters. These towers can be equipped with ladders, fall protection systems, antenna booms, and more.

Carl C. A/S conducts the structural calculations internally or collaborates with recognized external engineers who have extensive experience in tower calculations.

Our towers are always individually calculated for each project according to Eurocode norms. Often, the requirements from IEC standards are used, which are especially important during calculations for meteorological towers.

Carl C. A/S has many years of experience with towers in various environments, including extremely low temperatures, strong winds, thick ice layers, and dynamically loaded structures.



Carl C. A/S has access to 8,000 square meters of factory buildings and 20,000 square meters of outdoor storage space. We employ approximately 45 employees.

Kredit rating

Carl C is a healthy company that always maintains a solid financial footing.

The company is often rated with the highest credit ratings by Dun & Bradstreet and RKI Rating.

The diploma and the green RKI Rating logo symbolize that Carl C, as a company, has achieved the highest creditworthiness in Denmark and is therefore one of the top 3% performing exceptionally well. This rating is a financial indicator and endorsement that Carl C. A/S has a sound financial standing and is a trustworthy partner.

This means that you can always rely on Carl C and not worry about receiving the ordered goods. Carl C will also be there for future service needs.


Carl C. A/S has once again been awarded the AAA diploma for the highest credit rating in the rating model.