Carl C is a sponsor 

Carl C. A/S places a high priority on contributing to society and is therefore happy to support good local initiatives that help to ensure that there can continue to be life and activities in the small local communities.
By supporting local activities, Carl C. A/S gets the opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to the communities where the company is present. This commitment promotes a positive relationship with the residents of the local community and strengthens the company's image as a socially responsible and community-oriented organization. Carl C. A/S is proud to be an active partner in the maintenance and development of sustainable and dynamic local communities.









What do we sponsor?

 Carl C. A/S is deeply committed to giving back and gladly supports good local initiatives. We believe in the positive impact that active community engagement can have in promoting positive change and fostering a sense of community. Our commitment to sponsoring community initiatives is rooted in our core values of social responsibility.

By actively participating in and supporting community projects, we aim to build stronger connections with the people and organizations that make up the fabric of our society. We recognize that our success is intertwined with the health and prosperity of the regions we serve, and sponsoring community engagement is our way of giving back and investing in the collective future.

Beyond the tangible benefits, sponsoring community engagement aligns with our broader goals for corporate social responsibility. We believe that responsible business practices extend beyond our operations and include actively contributing to societal improvement. This commitment not only enhances our company's reputation but also resonates with our employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Supporting local activities allows Carl C. A/S to actively engage with the communities in which it operates. This engagement fosters a positive relationship with residents and strengthens the company's image as a socially responsible and community-oriented organization.


  • Skjern Håndbold
  • Rækker Mølle Håndbold
  • Badmintonspillerne Kim Astrup og Anders Skaarup
  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse/ Knæk Cancer
  • Skjern Bank Grand Prix
  • Smedenes Hus
  • Naturkraft
  • Pure Performance Pernille Colkær
  • Fodboldtrøjefredag
  • Pink Cup
  • Dance Company Twenty
  • Skjern Garden
  • Tarm Badminton Klub
  • Dejbjerg Golfklub
  • Rækker Mølle Hallen
  • Borris Hallen
  • Dejbjerglund Hallen
  • Lem Svømmebad
  • Stauning Friplejehjem
  • Dejbjerg Sogneblad
  • Frederik Skaauning - Power Tumbling