New stadium lighting in Skive, Denmark

If you want to participate in some of the country's best sports leagues, the equipment must be in order. This also applies to lighting, which is required in several sports. At Hancock Arena at Skive Stadion, the old lighting system did not live up to today's requirements for lighting for TV transmissions. But now the footballs are rolling again on a fully lit turf.
In collaboration with DBS Lys A / S, Carl C A / S has delivered 4 new beautiful lighting towers with a large lamp gallery to Skive Stadium. Lattice towers, which including lamp gallery has a height of 41.7 meters and a total weight of 7.5 tons.

Lighting Tower - Stadium

The close location on Karup Å meant that we, in collaboration with the customer, designed some special foundations. These had to live up to both demanding space conditions and the challenges the soil and the high groundwater posed to us. Likewise, creative thinking was required with regard to the installation of the towers, as the area did not leave much room for cranes and other equipment.

Foundation - Stadium

On each tower, DBS Lys A / S has mounted 21 lamps that provide twice as strong lighting as the previous system. It is possible to mount 28 lamps in each tower, so that the system is thus future-proof, should the requirements change further.

This means that Skive IK is now ready to receive any opponent at home, even in the dark times.
Everything is produced at our factory in Skjern.