High voltage

Carl C. A/S is widely experienced in providing steel structures and lattice masts to the electricity sector. That is why we can assist right from the initial phases of a project with calculations and design. Everything is made in accordance with relevant standards and rules, while our highly skilled workforce ensures the products, that are developed are optimised in relation to purpose. Detailed drawings are made in every instance and are used as the customer's basis for approval and as our manufacturing documentation. So, nothing unexpected ever happens. 



Over the years we have delivered many high-voltage masts, line masts, angle towers, station equipment and various special towers to Danish power stations.
Everything is designed based on a combination of the practical and the aesthetic, with overhead lines following the natural lie of the land. 

The towers are made in round bar or angle bar, depending on the task. In addition, we have a standard range of accessories, such as high-voltage attachments and fittings.

Carl C. A/S has also delivered equipment to energy companies outside Denmark, even as far away as Chile and El Salvador.