Design and static calculations

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Carl C is a turnkey company that has all design and production capabilities in-house and can, with partners, deliver complete turnkey solutions in most segments nationally.


Carl C designs your desires

At Carl C, we have a team of dedicated structural engineers and CAD drafters, all proficient in the most recognized software on the market. This enables us to deliver tailored design solutions for any purpose directly from our in-house team.

With extensive experience, we specialize in handling the entire design phase either independently or in collaboration with clients and consultants across all sectors. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients receive a product of the highest quality and a design that meets all specific requirements.

Whether we manage the entire process or work closely with our clients, we always strive to deliver the best in design and quality.

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With static calculations, we meet all requirements

Since 1969, Carl C has built extensive experience in the steel construction industry. We have established ourselves as a reliable partner offering development, consulting, and services in mast production for national and international clients.

At Carl C, we maintain all applicable standards for calculating steel structures and foundations (e.g., Eurocodes), ensuring that the structures always comply with applicable legislation in the field. Regulations and standards play an important role throughout the process, from development and calculation to production and delivery of structures to our national and international clients.

Our team of designers, engineers, and specialists in material and surface treatment work closely together. This integration of expertise ensures that the final product meets current national requirements and standards while accommodating the individual wishes and needs of the customer.

By staying constantly updated with the latest rules and guidelines, we strive to ensure that our structures meet customer expectations, regardless of the project's complexity and scope.