Our responsibility

Everything we do at Carl C is aimed at living more consciously: being more attentive, reducing our environmental footprint, taking care of ourselves - and our community. It is important to us that our work is safe for both people and the environment. We follow these key elements of responsibility with associated objectives:

1. Resource Efficiency

Focus on procurement according to types, quantity, and length of the purchased material, and sorted materials are returned to the cycle for new purposes.


2. Energy Efficiency

Energy recovery is optimized, and energy consumption in processes is reduced.


3. Environmental Safety

Products are delivered sustainably without compromising the environment. We minimize our environmental impacts and strive for a level that reflects our reduction strategy.


4. Human Safety

Processes are conducted by complying with requirements for occupational and environmental safety through maintenance and development of employees' competencies.


5. Active Interaction with Stakeholders

Collaboration with customers, personnel, associations, and authorities in the local communities is open, active, and long-term.


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Working environment and business ethics


Our responsibility to the world and the environment is significant. Carl C is a steel company that places a strong emphasis on sustainability and our impact.