Travers 3 lights


Lamp traverse TRAVERS 03-00 can be used for the following lamp types:

For example: Siteco A3 Maxi metal halide (0.13 m² wind surface). Siteco FL20 Maxi LED corresponding to 1,000W metal halide (0.11 m² wind surface). Phillips 20 Optivision metal halide (0.072 m² wind surface)

Max weight per lamp: g = 22 kg
Max wind area per lamp: Atot = 0.13 m² (Atot = Aref x cf)
Max wind load: 3.47 kN / m² (3-sec gust = 72.0 m/s)

The traverse is mounted in lattice towers equipped with top rings for ø60mm pipes.

Traverse for mounting 3 lamps in the top of the lattice tower.

The lamp traverse is mounted in the top ring bracket of the lattice mast, which makes it possible to rotate the lamp traverse 360 ​​°.
The 3 lights can be rotated seperately to achive optimal lighting. 

Lamp traverse is made as 1m top tube ø60.3x5.0mm with 1.8m traverse as angle steel L70x70x7.0mm with holes for mounting 3 pcs. lamps.

The top pipe is mounted with top rings and stainless steel screws in the mast top.

Dimension and quality: 1,000 mm ø60.3x5.0 mm, S355J2 according to EN 10025-2.
  1.80 m L70x70x7.0 mm, S235JR according to EN 10025-2.
Surface: Hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461.
Fastening, mast: Top ring and stainless steel screws.
Fastening, lamps: Through bolt M20x40 mm
Weight: 23 kg. (+lamps)
Wind area: 0.32 m² (+lamps)

Calculations have been performed in accordance with DS / EN 1993-1-1 + NA - Steel structures - General rules.
Wind load according to DS / EN 1991-1-4 + NA - Load on load-bearing structures - Wind load.