Standard floodlight towers for fast delivery

Standard floodlight lattice towers for fast delivery

Lighting masts 
Over the years, Carl C. A/S has manufactured countless lattice masts for lighting. Applications have differed widely, from football grounds and sports stadiums used increasingly all year round, to ports, freight hubs and building sites. The flexibility inherent in our standard lattice masts makes them ideal for jobs of all sizes. Whether a permanent or temporary solution is needed. 
If special attention has to be paid to function or aesthetics, for example, Carl C. A/S has extensive experience in developing the perfect lattice mast. We usually work closely with architects or a lighting manufacturer. Such projects are often for schools, institutions or pedestrian streets. 

Lattice masts can be triangular or square, with a typical height of from 7.5 to 30 metres, and usually with between 2 and 10 luminaires on top. The masts are typically stand-alone but can also be linked by wires to which the luminaires are mounted.
We perform calculations based on customer requirements to ensure the right solution for every single application. That is why we will have details of the number and configuration (preferably in the form of data sheets) even during the quotation phase on the kind of lights envisaged and in which directions they will shine. We are also happy to help with contact to suppliers for light calculations and choice of luminaries/lights.  

For triangular lattice masts, we can provide a number of our own prefabricated concrete foundations which just have to be placed in a previously excavated hole, after which the mast can be attached shortly afterwards. This means that you can typically have the mast fully set up on the same day, and easily avoid the various processes relating to casting a foundation. 

If there is no need for a permanent solution, a more dynamic one can be found. Our mobile foundations make it possible to place a mast wherever the need is greatest at any given time. For example: on a building site, subject to constant change and where the need for lighting changes regularly.  

Please feel welcome to contact our sales staff at Carl C. We will find a good solution for your specific lighting project.