A solid foundation is an important part of any structure.

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Carl C A / S offers several different options for foundation. Choice of type depends primarily on the geotechnical studies. Carl C A / S can propose the most advantageous foundation and make the dimensioning.

For all standard masts, there are foundations for normal soil conditions. If the soil conditions are special, foundations can be designed for the individual project.

When a permanent solution is desired, the most common types of cast concrete foundations are on site.
This solution is very flexible as it can be easily adapted to mast type and soil. The foundation will typically be cast as a block or slab foundation.
Carl C A / S can supply casting parts for all masts, consisting of: foundation bolts, embedding plates, casting template for fixing the bolts during the casting work and foundation proposals.

For the triangular lattice towers, we can offer burial foundations in concrete and steel. These have the advantage that they basically only have to be placed in a pre-excavated hole, after which the mast can be mounted immediately after. This means that you can typically have the mast completely erected on the same day, and easily get around the various processes of casting the foundation. Likewise, it is more often easier to re-establish the area when the task is completed.