PF305-00 [Prefabricated Foundation]


PF305-00 can be used as a foundation for the following towers:

7.5m lattice tower, series 5

15.0m lattice tower, series 4

22.5m lattice tower, series 3

30.0m lattice tower, series 2

37.5m lattice tower, series 1

PF305-00 is a ready-made concrete foundation for burial in normal soil conditions.

Concrete foundation with embedded foundation bolts made for use in triangular standard sections.

Calculations of elements are performed so that these have the same strength as the associated sections.

The foundations are also provided with a cast-in lifting point in the upper side of the base for mounting lifting brackets for mounting lifting.


The foundation is lifted down on a leveled sand layer (5-10cm), after which it is checked that it is horizontal and correctly positioned.

Then fill with the excavated soil provided an effective bulk density of at least 1800 kg / m3.

The mast is mounted on the foundation bolts and can be fixed in plumb with nuts under the footplates.


When dimensioning, it is assumed that the soil under the foundation underside is not inferior to:

Friction ground with> = 30 °, or
Clay with Cv> = 80kN / m²

Highest groundwater level should be lower than the bottom of the foundation.