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Over the past 30 years, Carl C. A/S has been among the preferred suppliers for the telecommunications industry in Europe.

Telecommunications started with the NMT system in the 1980s with multiple deliveries to TDC NET, the former Statens Teletjeneste. After that, the GSM 900 network was established. Then came GSM 1800, the 3G network, UMTS and the 4G network, LTE.

An increasing demand for mobile telephony and access to high-speed Internet services means that telecom companies have had to increase capacity and coverage by expanding their networks with more towers, etc. The future roll-out of 5G will only increase demand. The height of a tower depends on many factors, but usually towers are between 24 and 48 metres in height.


Carl C. A/S supplies many different types of towers for telecommunications purposes.

As an alternative to the lattice tower, we produce several types of tubular structures in the form of false chimneys, flagpoles etc. which purpose is to conceal the aerials. This provides more options for placing telecom towers in areas where aesthetics are given high priority, e.g. to meet requirements made by landscape architects.

Our long association with Danish telecom companies means that all types have been tested over several years.