Series 16 Normal Medium Load 15m²
Series 16 Strong Medium Load 15m²
Series TEL Normal Medium Load 15m²
Series TEL Strong Medium Load 15m²
CHS tower Normal Medium Load 15m²
CHS tower Strong Medium Load 15m²

Lattice towers

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Lattice towers

The Series 16 tower is square, specially developed for the telecom industry around 1990. It was the most-used lattice tower in Denmark until the launch of the TEL range in 2008. The tower is suitable as a multi-user site where the load is large, and deflection needs to be small. This range of towers is mainly made of solid rod iron which results in a transparent design. 

The TEL tower is a slim, three-legged tower measuring 24–28 metres in height. This tower was especially developed for the telecom industry. It is the next generation of the highly popular Series 16. 
Telecom companies in Denmark have preferred this tower and use it as their standard tower throughout Denmark. A very large number have been sold since 2008.
The advantages of the TEL tower lie in its slim, triangular design which is always fully optimised to meet the application concerned. At the same time, most of the tower consists of solid round-steel bars which, in combination with the slim design, make the tower appear almost invisible in the landscape.
As pipes are only used very sparingly, wind noise from open profiles is not a problem.

The CHS tower is the latest model within lattice towers. Specially designed for ease of transportation. Compared to the Series 16 and TEL towers, which are fully-welded, the CHS tower is bolted together. This makes it possible to assemble it on-site if necessary. Hollow tubing is also used, to make it light and easy to transport. Perfect for areas where access can be difficult.