Expansion of the 5G network

Carl C is currently working on expanding the 5G network for our customers in Denmark.
Among other things, Carl C handles tasks such as:

- Planning

- Foundation design

- Casting and earthing of foundation

- Tower production

- Installation


Fundament Fundament Foundation


In January 2021, we built two towers in Ravnstrup and Skanderborg, respectively. At these sites, Carl C was responsible for the geotechnical study, establishment of foundation, production and installation of 48m Series 16 lattice towers.


Lattice tower Series 16 Lattice tower Series 16 Lattice tower Series 16


After the geotechnical report is completed, the foundation is calculated so that it fits exactly to the particular site and soil. The tower type is also determined for each site, so it is best suited to the area, the task and wind conditions. Many more sites are already planned and the roll-out of the Danish 5G network will be a very interesting journey, of which Carl C looks forward to being a part of.