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Carl C. A/S Welds Design, Craftsmanship, and Quality Together.

Carl C. A/S offers solutions for a wide range of functionalities and industries: Poles for telecommunications, lighting, high voltage, as well as steel structures for high-voltage substations. Additionally, we supply various types of poles for meteorological measurements in wind farms. With over 50 years of experience, you are always ensured high quality, where durability and safety are top priorities.


With us, you get a personal and tailored solution, where your needs are paramount.


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Danish quality

By choosing Carl C. A/S as your partner in steel constructions, you are investing in a company that stands out on multiple fronts. We focus on delivering not only impressive designs but also unparalleled production quality, directly from our facilities here in Denmark.

When you work with us, you can expect tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and expectations. Our dedicated team of experts is here to ensure that every product we deliver meets the highest standards for both national and international use.

We believe in creating value through innovation and precision, and our commitment to your success is unparalleled. At Carl C. A/S, it's not just about being a supplier - it's about being your reliable partner on the path to growth and success.



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Carl C Always Ensures the Best Quality

With Carl C. A/S, you receive high-quality products delivered on time as agreed.

Carl C. A/S has its own engineers who calculate and design solutions in collaboration with you. Wherever in the world the construction is to be used, we ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

All production takes place in Denmark and is CE marked according to all execution classes, providing you with a guarantee that the product is delivered in high quality and meets all specified and statutory requirements.

Carl C. A/S is certified according to the quality management system DS EN ISO 9001. Furthermore, the company is certified according to DS EN ISO 3834-2 and DS EN ISO 1090 EXC 1-4, meaning that Carl C. A/S meets the requirements to be able to carry out and CE mark steel constructions according to the strictest requirements in Europe. In combination, these systems are your guarantee that Carl C. A/S delivers products that meet your and statutory requirements. The systems also ensure that Carl C. A/S has trained personnel with knowledge and training to plan, execute, and control the production of our products. Welding inspections are carried out by both internal and external personnel. The inspection always concludes with a report. Data from all processes are collected and documented in comprehensive quality documentation.

Data from all practitioners is collected and documented in a comprehensive quality documentation.

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Sustainability in Carl C

Carl C. A/S is part of the value chain for developing infrastructure for renewable energy to ensure a stable future for the next generations. However, the process requires a construction phase. This phase involves deforestation, heavy machinery, safety-related risks, etc., where ESG provides a common designation to gather a company's responsibility in one word.

With ESG (Environment, Social & Governance), the impact of a company's decisions on the world is considered, where the three pillars create the criteria for evaluating a company's sustainability performance.

For Carl C. A/S, sustainability is becoming part of our culture to make responsible decisions and ensure the best solutions for our customers. Therefore, the concept is integrated and worked on at all levels of the organization. The board decides the strategic direction and selection of goals, while data is collected at every project.

The process of becoming more sustainable requires the entire organization to work together. Especially the people working in production have relevant expertise in knowing how we can optimize our work and integrate new initiatives. Therefore, the report and our sustainability progress are based on a collective corporate effort to be the preferred supplier in the industry.


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Carl C. A/S designs and manufactures steel masts for all purposes.

Founded in 1969, Carl C. A/S has specialized in the production of steel masts ever since. Today, a wide range of mast types are delivered to various industries where quality and safety are of the highest priority.

We continuously develop our product range and tailor it to meet any requirement. For all structures, calculations are made according to applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

Special projects are one of our strengths. New structures are designed and calculated specifically for each task. A highly flexible production setup ensures that special projects are manufactured to consistently high quality, even if new production methods or setups are required.