Antenna Brackets

Telecommunications is a market that is developing explosively. More and more products and services are now available digitally and online. And the future will only offer more. This is why the need for antenna positions and equipment is also increasing. Over the years, and in collaboration with leading telecommunications companies, Carl C has developed our towers, so they always live up to the needs of our customers. Everything from lattice towers, tubular masts and false chimneys has been continuously improved so they can keep up with the times. That collaboration has also resulted in the development of optimized antenna brackets.

Antennebeslag Antennebeslag

The antenna brackets are designed in hot-dip galvanized steel, they cover all needs, and it is possible to mount the brackets on a tower or a wall etc. The many variants of fittings make it possible to place the antennas almost everywhere and in a competitive market where customer satisfaction is paramount, this can be vital to achieve the optimal coverage.

The type WB or VB for mounting on a tower or pipe all have 3 horizontal support arms with a distance of 120o. If you need a different distance, you can choose the type CB, which can be placed freely. In addition to variation in location, all types are made with both fixed and adjustable brackets. Some antenna brackets are also designed to be suitable for extending existing networks, with a horizontal offset of 800mm, the brackets can easily be mounted on existing masts or the like. Without conflicting with already set up antennas. E.g., in connection with the expansion of the 5G network.

Antennebeslag Antennebeslag

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