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Carl C Project

B450 Guyed Mast


Up to 200m

The steel is hot dip galvanized according to DS/EN ISO 1461.           

Guy-wires IWRC, galvanized.


The design criteria:

DS/EN 1993-3-1 – Design of steel structures – Towers, masts and chimneys.
DS/EN 1991-1-4 – Actions on structures – Wind actions.
IEC 61400-12-1 – Power Performance Measurements.


Foundation types:

Different solutions can be chosen as foundation for the B450. Foundation
under the mast and at the anchor points are needed. Steel anchor plates
or concrete pre-fabricated blocks can be digged into the terrain for
guy-wire anchors. This is a quick type of installation and ease for
decommissioning. Std. in-situ casted concrete foundations can
be casted but requires curing time.
Several different other types can be suggested upon request.